Parts Distribution, Sourcing and Repair





Electronic Service Solutions provides parts and related services to fit most business needs. We engage in parts distribution across a broad range of product categories, including consumer computer parts and accessories, technical computer parts and accessories, gaming and printer parts, and customized commercial parts programs. Our customers include retail technicians, end-consumers, commercial technicians, on-site technicians, and companies that are administering parts or IT support programs.

ESS is also able to leverage its capabilities in other areas – notably, depot repair and hardware disposal – to bring value to your part outsourcing needs. Our strong technical experience allows us to quickly arrive at unique solutions. This includes access to scarce or severe shortage parts. Our diverse capabilities also enable us to undertake customized parts programs – for example, procurement and model inventory design – based on your demands.

We utilize our technical depot repair capabilities to repair or refurbish defective or broken parts so that they are fit for resale. With thorough monitoring and analysis of predictive failure data, repair history and market availability, Electronic Service Solutions optimizes inventory to ensure high availability at lowest total cost. With our 30+ years of industry experience, an expert team of purchasing professionals and a robust supplier network, you can trust the parts will be available when needed.

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