ESS Depot Repair


One of ESS' most significant lines of business is our depot repair program at our Aledo, Texas location. With technicians and engineers on staff, our depot repair is primarily dedicated to repairing laptop and desktop computers, commercial computer systems, gaming units, printers, computer peripherals, servers, point of sale devices, and related electronics. Our depot also extensively refurbishes and repairs a variety of computer-related parts and components in support of whole unit repair. This helps reduce costs, improve service levels, and ensure industry-leading turnaround time.

ESS has excelled in its ability to provide parts in a timely manner while still maintaining strict quality standards and excellent customer service. Our repair team is dedicated to measuring and improving efficiency and quality through root cause analysis. This results in reduced out-of-box and early life failures along with increased mean time between failures. These repair process improvements keep our customers up and running! Consistency and reliability is what our customers have come to expect.

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