About Electronic Service Solutions

Electronic Service Solutions (ESS) is a diversified computer services company headquartered in Aledo, TX. ESS provides a multitude of technology services, including: hardware reselling, depot repair, parts sourcing and distribution, and hardware liquidation and disposal. Few of our competitors maintain capabilities across such a broad range of services. ESS is uniquely positioned as a “one-stop shop” for leading retailers and U.S. technology companies. We provide support for a broad range of their technological needs without sacrificing quality and service. On the contrary, we deliver high quality products and services that enable our customers to reduce their inventory, eliminate costly service calls, avoid emergency shipments, and eliminate rework – all resulting in lower total cost and increased customer satisfaction. We understand the value of quality and strive to deliver the industry’s highest levels.

At ESS, we realize that successful partnerships are built on trust. You can trust that our working relationships and ease of doing business will deliver consistent value. You can also trust that we will deliver a satisfying customer experience. We strive to continually improve through collaboration and customer feedback. We value our customer relationships. It is our goal to ensure expectations are met and exceeded. ESS wants you as a long-term customer and understands it is our job to make that happen.

It would be our pleasure to serve you. Please contact us for more information today!